Inspiring Fitness Interview with Eddy Horn

We would like to share an interview we recently had with an inspiring individual, Eddy Horn.  He is currently attempting an impressive fitness quest. We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Eddy for a few years now, and we thought his motivational story would be a great one to share with our readers.

Better Together Fitness: So you have recently started running again with an impressive marathon running goal, but before we get into all that…let’s get the first question out of the way, because we think this will set the stage a little bit. How old are you Eddy?

Eddy:   50

Better Together Fitness: Impressive! Many people out there are not thinking about setting lofty fitness goals at that age. I think most people are thinking once they hit that age it is sort of the start of the downhill slide…they feel like they are over the hill, so to speak. What inspired you to take on running, and not just running but marathon running at this point?

Eddy:   I first picked up running back in 2000 to lose weight.  I was about 45-50 pounds over weight and with the health problems in my family I new I needed to do something.  In fact, back in 1981, I lost an uncle to obesity.  I ran two marathons (2001 and 2004) and then sort of stopped running from 2006 – 2009 and of course gained the 50 pounds back.  I was trying to find the motivation to get back into running, but was struggling.  Two of my friends told me they were running the FrederickMarathon in May 2009.  I told them I was in.  Set up a quick training plan and ran my third marathon.  Having the goal of completing marathons has helped me stay motivated to keep running and stay in shape.

Better Together Fitness: So true, having a goal is so important to keep a person motivated. We understand that your original goal of running a marathon has evolved in to something much bigger, especially for this year (2012). Can you tell us a little about this goal and how you arrived at choosing this for a goal?

Eddy: In 2009 I ran 3 marathons, followed by 4 in 2010 and 6 in 2011.  Since I was turning 50 in 2012, I decided to establish a motto of “12 in 2012”, running 12 marathons in one year.

Better Together Fitness: Wow! 12 marathons in 1 year…that’s a lot of marathons!  So clearly running is your sport of choice. There must be something that you truly enjoy about it to be able to do it as much as you do. What is it about running that you find most enjoyable?

Eddy:  Up until this year, I had been running on my own and was alright with that.  After establishing my goal for 2012, I joined the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club (FSRC).  My enjoyment level rose tremendously after being able to train and run races with friends.  It is fun sharing my accomplishments with others who have the same goals.

Better Together Fitness: We couldn’t agree more with you Eddy! That sentiment is one of our foundations here at Better Together Fitness…Everything is better when you have others to share your goals and achievements with, or have someone that can guide you to achieving success. So there is only a few weeks left in 2012, how close are you to achieving your goal of “12 in 2012”?

Eddy:   So far, I have completed 11 marathons (on of which was a 50k).  I will complete #12 on Sunday, October 28 at the Marine Corps Marathon.  I did make a minor change to my goal.  I will be running the JFK 50 Miler on November 17 giving me a total of 13 races of marathon distance or further this year.

Better Together Fitness: So you decided to up the stakes, huh? 12 marathons in one year felt too easy, so you figured you would throw in a double marathon? Now that is serious work…amazing, truly! Out of all the races you have completed so far, which ones would you say were a couple of your favorites and why?

Eddy:   The Blue RidgeMountainMarathon (America’s Toughest RoadMarathon) for its scenery and course support was a lot of fun.  My last two marathons (the first two marathons I ran after turning 50) gave me back to back PR’s in 6 days:  Steamtown Marathon in 4:07:09 and the Freedom’s Run Marathon in 3:55:03.  I feel like I am getting stronger and faster as I get older.

Better Together Fitness: Wouldn’t that be something if we could all say that…”I am getting stronger and faster as I get older.” It is great to see someone proving that age is only obstacle if you let it be. With that many marathons in a year you must spend a lot of time training, which equates to what we can imagine to be A LOT of running! What does a typical training week look like for you? How do you stay motivated to keep up with your training and all that running?

Eddy:   I average 45 – 55 miles a week.  My week day runs are anywhere from 5 – 10 miles.  Weekends are longer runs ranging from 8 – 22 miles (and with the JFK 50 coming up, back to back long runs).  I stay motivated with the training schedule since I know it is needed to finish each race…and crossing the finish line and getting awarded a finisher’s medal is a big part of the enjoyment.

Better Together Fitness: Have you noticed any improvements in your health or other aspects of your life since you have taken on this new running lifestyle?

Eddy:   From 2009 to the first part of 2012 I was maintaining a weight of 155 – 158.  After tackling this goal of 12 marathons and joining the running club, I am down to 140.  I have found I run better/faster at this lower weight, which motivates me to watch what I eat to maintain that weight.  I also find that I have a lot more energy.

Better Together Fitness: For our readers out there that are contemplating becoming a runner, or for those of them that are already running and want to take it to the next level…Do you have any training tips or advice you can share?

Eddy:   I was talking to a friend who had lost a lot of weight running back in 2000.  I asked him if he always liked running.  He said when he first started he hated it, but after about 6 weeks he loved it.  I told myself, I will give it two months and if I don’t like it I will chose something different.  I stuck with it and have loved every moment of it.  My advice, start a plan and give it some time.  For those wanting to take it to a new level, google marathon training plans (or other race distances).  There are a lot of good training plans.  Chose one and stick to it – and you will see great results.

Better Together Fitness: And as you mentioned earlier finding a support group can be a big help…and of course the obvious option of finding a qualified trainer. We may know one or two good ones. 🙂 We understand that your goal has also been partnered with helping an important charity program. Can you tell us about this program?

Eddy:   This year, I chose Team Fisher House.  Fisher House is an organization that offers free housing right next to the hospital to families who are supporting their loved ones recovering from combat related injuries.  This allows them to focus on their loved ones and not have to worry about hotel costs. 

Better Together Fitness: If people out there reading this story want to contribute to this cause…is there a way for them to give to the program in your name?

Eddy:   Yes, they can click on the following link to read more about Fisher House.  They can also make a donation as well.

Better Together Fitness: Not sure how you could go beyond your goal you set for 2012…but we have to ask…have you set any goals for 2013 yet?

Eddy:   Well, some of my running club friends are asking me to train for an upcoming 100 Mile Race.  I told them to talk to me on November 18 (the day after running my first 50 miler).

Better Together Fitness: 100 miles in one race?!? That sounds like crazy talk to us. J Eddy, your story is truly inspiring. We wish you the best of luck on reaching your goal for 2012 and beyond.  Definitely keep us posted on your goal and let us know how the 50 miler goes too. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today. We know you wish you could chat longer…but you probably got to run (pun intended). 🙂


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