Navigating the Grocery Store

Congratulations on making a commitment to leading a healthier, more active lifestyle!  You invested in a good pair of sneakers, have made a few trips to the gym and now you are headed to the grocery store. Don’t panic…we are here to help navigate you and make this task an easier one.  We know just how overwhelming the grocery store can be when you are trying to make better choices.  So here are some basic tips for creating a cart full of clean fuel.

Work the Edges

In almost every grocery store you will find that the inner aisles are where the processed foods are located…boxes, bags and canned foods…basically the non-clean foods, which in most cases equates to JUNK!  Many of these items are filled with unhealthy additives and chemicals to preserve shelf life.  Do your body a favor and limit or even skip the inner aisles and instead stick to the outside edges.  Here you will find all your clean foods such as meat, seafood, produce and dairy.

Look High and Low

Did you know that some of the worst food tends to be placed at eye level on the shelves? It’s an awful trick for those of us on a quick shopping run. Some manufacturers actually pay extra to have their products at eye level to increase sales…good for them, but bad for you.  When navigating the shelves, look high and low to find your healthier options.

Less is More

Remember this basic equation…More packaging = Less nutrition.  Fresh is best!  Limit or even skip the amount of processed foods you buy. Is this starting to sound repetitive? Trust us and your body will thank you in so many ways!

Another simple equation to commit to memory…Fewer Ingredients = Healthier Food.  Review the nutrition labels on any packaged products, before you buy. A good rule of thumb is to pick the items with 5 ingredients or less.  As the list of ingredients gets longer you typically see ingredients that are harder to pronounce, which typically means the items were created in a lab. This most likely means the product is filled with stuff your body doesn’t want or need.

Stay tuned for the next Grocery Store Survival post, where we help you understand some of the common product lingo (fat free, organic, whole grain, etc.). We will also help you understand which choices are right for you.


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