Move It or Lose It

The first “It” refers to moving your butt out of your seat. The second “It” refers to losing your life. Scary thought, the more you sit on a daily basis the more likely you are to meet an early death. That’s right recent research in multiple studies has actually proven this. A recent study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, which followed over 220,000 individuals aged 45 and older, found a very convincing correlation between daily amounts of time spent sitting and premature death.

It seems that individuals spending a majority of their days sitting experience an increased risk of early death. This finding was determined to be consistent across all populations and demographics (age groups, gender, BMI classifications, activity levels, healthy individuals, and those with pre-existing conditions). The sitting time trumped all other factors and was found to be on par with obesity and smoking as premature death risk factors!

How long are you spending sitting each day? Add it up…don’t forget the time you spend driving to work or running errands, at your desk at work, eating meals, watching TV, etc. It adds up pretty quickly!

Don’t let that seat take your life from you prematurely! Knowing is half the battle…if you are pushing that 9+ hour mark on a daily basis, it is time to do something about it before you are another statistic!

Some Tips to Fight Back Against the Sitting Disease Threat:

  • Get up from your desk at work…take calls standing up, take a walk on your break, hold walking meetings
  • Park farther away when you are running errands
  • Cut back on the television time or if you can’t miss your favorite shows, try walking in place during the show…or if you have the room and money, get a treadmill set up in front of the TV
  • Kids play sports? Instead of sitting on the sideline cheering, stand and pace along the sideline and follow the action

Even if you can break up that sitting time…it will go a long way to fighting back. If you’ve been sitting for an hour or more at any one time…it is time to get up and get the blood flowing!

Move it or lose it people. We choose move it every time!


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