QOD: How late is too late to eat?

When you think about eating, you should think of it as fueling up for what’s ahead. We always recommend eating smaller meals more frequently. More frequently meaning around every 3 hours. If you are just fueling for the next 3 hours you can work just fine with a smaller balanced meal.

To address the question of the day (QOD) more specifically…how late is too late to eat? You should think along the same lines. Meaning only give yourself enough fuel to get you up to bedtime, which would mean you want to have your last meal 2-3 hours before bed. This will allow your body to finish the digestion process before heading to bed, so your body can focus on all the other recovery work it needs to do while you sleep.

One other thing to consider, if you are doing a lot of physical activities during the day…including working out…some of the recovery your body will be doing while you sleep will be to repair your muscles. The main component your body utilizes for muscle repair is protein, so make sure your last meal has a good amount of protein.

We hope this helped. Please keep the questions coming. Every question helps us all get better together.

Please Note: the nutrition tips and recommendations in this blog are based on practices that have been utilized by ourselves and clients of ours with much success. However if you have any current metabolic condition or other medical condition that requires doctor guidance you should seek their direction and approval before making any changes to your exercise or diet regimen.


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