Define Yourself

Define Yourself by Defining Your Core Values

As a business and even as an individual you can get bogged down with the countless decisions you are faced with day to day; leaving you with very little time for the important stuff. However, living with a defined set of core values and beliefs will help to clarify your day and provide you with a sense of purpose. This allows you to live your life or operate your business more on your terms and less on circumstances and societal expectations.

Imagine for a moment that you have composed your set of values that defines your purpose for your life or business. If you pass every decision that you are required to make through these values or beliefs…you should be able to determine very quickly if it is something that deserves your time. If your values are clear, you are less likely to make choices that conflict with your values and beliefs. When you make decisions that go against your core values, you can feel frustrated and unfocused.

Conversely, when you have clearly defined your goals, taken the time to write them down, and continue to take action and make decisions that are in line with these values…you build confidence! And confidence creates results.

Take some time to reflect on your purpose and goals. Write down your core values. Stay focused on why they define you. Live by them. And you will create a life of confidence and results!

Below we would like to share with you the Core Values and Training Beliefs for us at Better Together Fitness. These are how we define our business and the basis for our daily decisions and actions.

Core Values

  1. We will represent a life of fitness in our own personal lives. We will be the image of someone that practices what they preach by achieving and maintaining a level of fitness both in performance and physical appearance that others will look to as a goal for their own life.
  2. We will remind ourselves daily that life is short; we should strive to have fun every day and fully appreciate all that life has to offer; living fit provides the best opportunity for this to happen.
  3. We will continue to learn and develop our own knowledge and experience in all aspects of the health, wellness, and fitness industry. Including but not limited to anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, corrective exercise, functional exercise, psychology, motivation, and nutrition. To be truly fit, a person must be functional and efficient in all these categories, for us to be deficient in our level of knowledge in any of these categories would be a disservice to the people that choose us as their trainer.
  4. We will educate the public on the aspects of health, wellness and fitness in a way that they can relate to and understand, that will allow them to adapt the information into their own life.
  5. We will be supportive, encouraging, and motivational towards each person we interact with, so that we may help them to reach for and accomplish their own goals and dreams.
  6. We will create a training environment that consistently maintains a level of support, encouragement, and motivation that people will feel excited about coming to.

Training Beliefs

  • A workout should not be dreaded…it should be enjoyed.
  • You should focus on the small goals and victories…they build on each other.
  • You should surround yourself with supportive and encouraging people that want to see you reach your goals.
  • Being fit really does add quality to your life, energy to your days, and can truly help you be happier. As our motto states…and we whole heartedly believe. Life is short. Have Fun. Live Fit.

That is what we are about and what Better Together Fitness is about…experience it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!


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